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VFGVintage Fashion Guild (international online trade organization of vintage clothing sellers)
VFGVertical Foregrip
VFGVirtual Facility Group
VFGVariable Frequency Generator
VFGValentino Fashion Group (Italy)
VFGVlaamse Federatie van Gehandicapten (Dutch: Flemish Federation of Disability; Belgium)
VFGVideo Frame Grabber
VFGVirginia Financial Group, Inc. (Culpeper, VA)
VFGVineyard of Fragrant Grapes (Lemony Snicket)
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When prospective customers search for a particular service, the client's website shows up on the search, thanks to the revamping or building of the web pages using the tools provided by Smith's VFG. Next, lead generation sites are created, exclusive to the specific type of business.
As expected, on the X-axis (along the valence dimension), the mean value from the origin is 1.23 for the VFG, which is significantly different than 1.03 for the AFG (t = 1.84, p < 0.10).
You could lean your entire body weight into the Magpul VFG and not worry about it bending, much less snapping ofl'.
The defendants "never planned on paying the full amount but rather planned on making VFG insolvent and starting another company," McNay said in his lawsuit.
Consequently, electrons are injected to the FG causing a potential drop of VFG relative to ground, increasing the current [I.sub.mfg] from MFG1 transistor.
12 July 2012 a[euro]" A major Qatari private investor backing Mayhoola for Investments SPC entered into an agreement to buy Italian apparel and accessories maker Valentino Fashion Group SpA (VFG) from Britaina[euro](tm)s Permira Funds and the Marzotto family, for an undisclosed price.
They tend often to be in "touch" with friends that have a musical group, frequent bars located in the center of Guadalajara and concerts in places such as the VFG music-hall.
Considerando que la gonada de la mayoria de los mitilidos es homogenea en relacion a la distribucion de las celulas germinales durante la estacion reproductiva (Lowe et al., 1982; Bayne et al., 1985), se determino cuantitativamente la fraccion gonadal utilizada en la reproduccion (VFG), empleando estereometria (Weibel & Gomez, 1962; Weibel, 1969), que utiliza un reticulo de 42 puntos.
Ricky Hatton is expecting Rhodes to score a stunning upset at the VFG Arena Guadalajara next month.