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VFGVlaamse Federatie van Gehandicapten (Dutch: Flemish Federation of Disability; Belgium)
VFGVineyard of Fragrant Grapes (Lemony Snicket)
VFGValentino Fashion Group (Italy)
VFGVertical Foregrip
VFGVirginia Financial Group, Inc. (Culpeper, VA)
VFGVintage Fashion Guild (international online trade organization of vintage clothing sellers)
VFGVariable Frequency Generator
VFGVideo Frame Grabber
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When prospective customers search for a particular service, the client's website shows up on the search, thanks to the revamping or building of the web pages using the tools provided by Smith's VFG.
When there is no barrier/cover to push the VFG against, I place my hand fiat on the handguard in front of the VFG and just use it as a handstop, pulling the rifle back into my shoulder.
The defendants "never planned on paying the full amount but rather planned on making VFG insolvent and starting another company," McNay said in his lawsuit.
The Jungheinrich VFG 425-435s with hydrostatic drive provides a high degree of safety in daily operations.
As part of VFG, the two divisions had a turnover in its last financial year of pounds 12m and a pre-tax profit of pounds 700,000.
The deal could be the making of VFG which, until yesterday, was selling film equipment for a modest profit.
4 million acquisition has been made through the creation of a new company called Local Broadcasting Group, in which VFG holds a 46.
4million acquisition has been made through the creation of a new company, Local Broadcasting Group (LBG), in which VFG holds a 46.
The Complaint alleges that VFG Defendants induced Plaintiff and the other Class Members to purchase such Securities when they knew or should have known that the assignment of such government benefits is illegal under 38 USC u 5301, Nonassignability and Exempt Status of Benefits, information unknown to the Class Members.
Last year, its experts put up six shares as potential investments; pawnbroker Albermarle & Bond, networking specialist BATM Advanced Communications, Nursing Home Properties and video and film hire business VFG, plus a couple of support services' companie s, CRC Group and Access Plus.
Jugheinrich Launches Hydrosat Truck VFG 540s-550s II-74
VFG typically invests between $ 100,000 and $500,000 per company, though the total capitalization package can be much higher.