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A demonstration of device-to-device VFIR implementation as well as new customer MP3 products offering this feature will be showcased at the Computex Tradeshow in Taipei, Taiwan, May 31-June 4.
We are offering a VFIR system that can be simply programmed, flexible for all platforms, and, allows our customers to create features that will truly differentiate their product.
The VFIR controller uses the same software drivers for all transmission speeds, making upgrades to 16 Mb/s effortless.
The VFIR Development Kit will be available in Q1 2001.
VFIR operates at speeds that exceed the most common cabled data standard, USB 1.
The inSilicon device is the first semiconductor intellectual property VFIR controller available that supports the VFIR standard, jointly proposed and developed by Agilent Technologies Inc.
Compliant with IrDA specification version -1, -2, and -3, the inSilicon VFIR technology is available in synthesizable Verilog and is portable to any ASIC or FPGA technology.
Agilent Technologies, the worldwide leader in providing IrDA transceivers, co-developed the VFIR controller with inSilicon.
Approval of the VFIR specification was completed in a record 9 months -- a first in IrDA's history," said Mike Watson, president of the IrDA Board.
VFIR features a 16Mb/s Data Rate that is fully backward compatible with previous implementations of IrDA, with reduced latency of 100 microseconds.
Optical components that support the VFIR specification have been demonstrated by the Hewlett Packard Company and Sharp Corporation at link distances over one meter using commercially available LEDs.
With the standardization of the 16 Mb/s specification, Microsoft plans to support VFIR in the next version of the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system.