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VFOVariable-Frequency Oscillator
VFOVariable Frequency Oscillator
VFOVrb Fan Out
VFOVernal Field Office (US DOI; Utah)
VFOVirtual Front Office (Telcordia)
VFOViolent Felony Offense
VFOVital Few Objectives (strategic planning)
VFOVariable Fuel Oil Tank
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At this stage it is not fully understood why the exhaust system temperature increases by up to 29[degrees]C in the VO8 case and up to 41[degrees]C in the VFO case.
The VFO brands, Freedom Scientific, Optelec, and Ai Squared, have a history of developing and providing assistive technology solutions.
oeni VFO. At the completion of MLF, acetaldehyde and pyruvic acid concentrations were measured in these wines as well as a control wine that did not undergo MLF.
The variable used here tracks that statutory definition and adds what the DCJS codes as "VFO-like class A-1 offenses not in VFO." Id.
Of the 72, 42 cases resulted in convictions, imposing penalties of either imprisonment, fines, or both, according to VFO Director Jose Rey Maleza
2 May 2017 - Florida, US-based accessibility solutions provider VFO has acquired New Hampshire, US-based software accessibility firm The Paciello Group to advance its position in web accessibility market, the company said,
US-based assistive technology provider VFO has acquired screen magnification and screen reading software developer Ai Squared, the company said.