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VFPVisual FoxPro (Microsoft development environment)
VFPVector Floating Point
VFPVirtual Function Pointer
VFPVisual Fox Pro
VFPVideo Fine Processor (DVD players)
VFPLight Photographic Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1956 to 1987)
VFPPhotographic Reconnaissance Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1956 to 1987)
VFPVenous Foot Pump (podiatry)
VFPVocal Fold Paresis
VFPVirtual File Platform (Hitachi)
VFPVote for Pedro (game)
VFPVoluntary Filing Program (US SEC)
VFPVeterans for Peace, Inc.
VFPVending Facility Program (blind support program; est. 1936)
VFPVisiting Faculty Position
VFPVertical Forms Printing
VFPLight Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1956 to 1987)
VFPPhotographic Reconnaissance Squadron (Light) (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1956 to 1987)
VFPVariance Frequency Processor
VFPVery Fast People (Italy)
VFPPhotographic Squadron, Light
VFPVlaamse Federatie voor Planologie (Dutch: Flemish Federation for Planning; Belgium)
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In the method proposed, the detection process is divided into synchronisation of the two vibration data [vibration in fuel turbo pump (VFP), vibration in oxidizer turbo pump (VOP)] with speed data, extraction of features between the decay speeds of2700 and 3000 RPM and classification of the data into either Normal data or Abnormal data.
From 2007 to 2017, the adjusted NFI ratio averaged 13.5%, suggesting that for every $1 of VFP generated, $0.135 was retained at the farm level as a return to the operator's unpaid labor and management.
However, work done by organizations such as NFWWD and VFP go a long way in sparking new debates and changing attitudinal mindsets towards people with disabilities in the country.
A decisao liminar veio a ser confirmada em julgamento final de 1a instancia pela sentenca da juiza Ana Cecilia Arguero Gomes, que substituiu a juiza Teixeira na 6a VFP. Porem apesar de confirmar a seguranca--a juiza Gomes pontuou que ainda que o Municipio nao tenha a prerrogativa de banir o mercado de transporte individual privado, "nao implica que tal atividade esteja livre de toda e qualquer fiscalizacao", devendo este mercado ser "validamente regulado", de um modo que estimule "a saudavel concorrencia entre prestadores sob o regime publico e privado" e preserve "os valores e interesses protegidos pela Constituicao Federal" (GOMES, 2016).
VFP called for a deeper analysis of Britain's role in the world and said that war was "not the solution to the problems the world faces in the 21st century.
Left VFP was observed during both phonation and inspiration in the endoscopic larynx examination (figure 1, A and B).
Building on this networking capability, eDiplomacy recently created the Virtual Fellows Program (VFP), a public-private partnership that allows offices to tap into the expertise of U.S.
Due to the new technology, the SEC offered a Voluntary Filing Program (VFP) and a phase-in period for all filers based on their public float.
Jackson Smith is the name of the character played by an actual actor who becomes a patient in a Virtual Field Practicum (VFP) that allows USC students to pursue some of their initial field work hours outside of an actual service agency setting.
"This requires an understanding not just of skills, but of cultural theory, emergent artistic forms and practices, an evolved collaborative ability--and, most important, the ability to conceive and create as a generative artist." The VFP program was initiated two years ago as a response to what Flaherty calls a "strong student interest," as well as the increasing presence of video in theatre and performing arts.