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VFRVisual Flight Rules
VFRVisiting Friends and Relatives (passenger data)
VFRVariable Frame Rate (video encoding)
VFRVariable Frame Rate
VFRVolumetric Flow Rate
VFRVote for Role (gaming)
VFRVisual Forms Representation (programming language)
VFRVirulent Foot Rot
VFRVirtual Fragment Reassembly (Cisco)
VFRVerband Freier Radios Österreich (German: Independent Radio Stations; Austria)
VFRVee Four Racing (Honda Motor Cycle)
VFRVolume Fraction Ratio
VFRVery Fine Ride
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On many occasions, a real estate appraiser is called into a VFR assignment to provide general knowledge and experience about the marketplace environment that the property is encompassed within; consult on highest and best use issues; and/or run cost, income and/ or sales analyses under different scenarios.
For travelers or VFR who entered >1 region, the most likely place of exposure during travel was determined to be the single region visited.
Therefore, a depiction of the various stages of decision making along with the extraneous factors affecting these processes is critical to the understanding of the causes and consequences of decisions to fly VFR into IMC.
The VFR was always a premium product that was never built down to a price and this trend continues ( when you sit behind the car-like dash you know this is a classy piece of kit.
Indeed, most VFR pilots will probably decide to divert from adverse weather; however, some decide too late and ultimatel y crash.
As a reminder, in general terms VFR conditions require at least a 3000foot ceiling, which also has to be enough to keep you from becoming an ornament on a high tower while remaining nicely below the cloud base.
"Many of our customers initially made the switch to electronic charts, but then realized that paper VFR sectional charts can be easier for planning a route," he said.
After hearing approach tell the pilot our new altitude and not hearing a repeat call, I assumed the Learjet had heard the altitude and would take a westbound VFR altitude above us.
But, if recent launch reports from the VFR are anything to go by, it looks like Ducati stealing the column inches with its highprofile presence at the shows is the least of Honda's worries.
The seminar, which introduces real estate appraisers to the relevant body of knowledge, issues, terminology and valuation practices involved with VFR, including fair value (mark to market), is now being offered nationwide.
The pilot, who six months earlier had weathered a human factors board based on his declining level of professional effort, cancelled his IFR clearance and proceeded VFR shortly after takeoff.