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VFRVirtual Fragment Reassembly (Cisco)
VFRVolume Fraction Ratio
VFRVee Four Racing (Honda Motor Cycle)
VFRVery Fine Ride
VFRVisiting Friends and Relatives (passenger data)
VFRVisual Flight Rules
VFRVolumetric Flow Rate
VFRVirulent Foot Rot
VFRVariable Frame Rate (video encoding)
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The ability to switch between IFR and VFR flight data allows pilots to easily transition to the flight information needed while flying under both instrument and visual flight rule conditions.
The VFR is a sports tourer that looks and feels the part.
At 200 feet, the pilot, now suffering from an extreme case of vertigo, descended again, attempting to regain VFR conditions.
Should the rider elect, the VFR can be ridden in economy or sport modes with no to select gears at all.
Tim Clark, president of Emirates, yesterday said that the airline did not have the licence to operate under VFR and the process to obtain it could take a few months.
Honda's revamped VFR replaces the VFR800 that redefined the sports-tourer category in its day, but that had also been seriously down on cubic capacity compared to its rivals for many years now.
Following ex-GP god Tohru Ukawa for our sighting laps, I was immediately taken by surprise by how quickly the VFR steers and found myself having to correct my line midcorner to avoid hitting the inside kerb.
VFR Healthcare Finance, a full-service financial firm for the nursing home industry, announced that it has provided funding for two major equipment leasing deals.
Therefore, the target market for marketing VFR services is an organization's internal corporate management as well as external accounting and auditing professionals.
Three classes of regions emerged from the cluster analysis: a class dominated by tourism flows, a class with a high proportion of VFR movement, and a third class with an above average proportion of business moves.
When comparing persons whose purpose of travel was visiting friends and relatives (VFR travelers; n = 121) with tourists and other travelers (n = 217), VFR travelers showed a distinct infectious disease and risk spectrum.
The installation proved very successful and we are pleased to strengthen our relationship with the Nassau CAA by supplying solar LED lighting solutions for its remote island VFR airports.