VFSSVideo Fluoroscopic Swallowing Study
VFSSVancouver Folk Song Society (Canada; est. 1959)
VFSSValley Forge Signal Seekers (Valley Forge, PA)
VFSSVanguard Fire & Security Systems (Saginaw, Michigan)
VFSSVoice Frequency Signaling System
VFSSVirtual File System Service (Web-based education)
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According to VFSS observation, Rofes et al .[5] have found that pudding bolus could reduce the leakage and aspiration rate to 98.9%, which was confirmed by electrophysiological activity.
We used 2 instrumental methods, FEES and VFSS, to evaluate all 3 phases of dysphagia; these methods are considered the reference standards for instrumental evaluation of all phases of dysphagia.
Feeding characteristics of participants (N=231) Characteristic n (%) Previous parenteral feeding Yes 33 (14.4) No 198 (85.6) Previous enteral (NGT/OGT) feeding Yes 150 (65.0) No 61 (26.4) Unknown 20 (8.6) Referred for VFSS by doctors and SLTs (N=36) Yes 6 (15.6) No 30 (84.4) VFSS conducted (in referrals) Yes 14 (38.8) No 22 (61.2) Manner of feeding at discharge Mixed 127 (55.1) Exclusive breastfeeding 69 (29.7) Gastrostomy 14 (6.1) Exclusive bottlefeeding 12 (5.2) Cup 6 (2.6) Syringe 3 (1.3) NGT = nasogastric tube; OGT = orogastric tube; VFSS = video fluoroscopic swallow study; SLTs = speech-language therapists.
VFSS helps to identify not only functional but also structural anomalies of anatomic regions studied during the procedure [15].
[21] 2014 VFSS + WST Wang [22] 2016 WST + SSA + SWAL-QOL Li and Bai [23] 2015 WST Liu [24] 2014 WST Hang et al.
All items of SDQ-P were uniformly in English version and all the patients answered the SDQ-P before VFSS.
To overcome this issue Variable-sized frequency selective structures (VFSS) are designed to overcome mutual coupling for ultra wide bandwidth.
Ninety-five percent (n=94) underwent a VFSS (Figure 3).
The VFSS is distinct from many other radiographic examinations because of its ability to not only diagnose dysphagia, but also to verify the immediate effectiveness of treatment strategies in order to generalize the results when recommending a diet.
A video fluoroscopic swallow study (VFSS), also called a modified barium swallow, has been the traditional method of instrumental assessment, and until recently it was the gold standard for dysphagia evaluation.
Typically a virtual server would be configured with client access ports, VFSs, and an administrator.
In this event, silent aspiration is suspected, and more extensive objective testing such as the modified barium swallow (MBS) also known as the videofluoroscopic swallow study (VFSS), or fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) may be required (Garon, Engle, & Ormiston, 1996) (see Table 6).