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VFTVielfliegertreff (German: Frequent Flyer Meeting)
VFTVisual Function Tester
VFTVirtual Fabric Trunking
VFTVirtual Function Table
VFTVenus Fly Trap (dionaea muscipula)
VFTVision for Tomorrow
VFTVeterans in Film and Television
VFTVariable Frequency Transformer
VFTVerification Flight Test (US NASA)
VFTVogel-Fulcher-Tamman (polymer science equation)
VFTVirtual Finish Time (computing)
VFTVinyl Floor Tile
VFTVintage Flat Tracker (motorcycling)
VFTVirtual Flight Test
VFTVariable-Frequency Train (physical therapy)
VFTVisual Field Test
VFTVisual Function Test (in space)
VFTVertical Fibre Technology (cushions)
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Instructional packet including the time, location, purpose, and significance of VFT, as well as step-by-step procedure must be generated in order to easily guide students during a VFT time.
The aim of this study was to examine brain activity using fMRI during the performance of a VFT retrieving geographical words, specifically, the names of cities and towns in the Republic of Argentina.
A great majority of studies found an age-related decline in performance of phonemic and semantic VFT, as demonstrated by the metanorms of Loonstra, Tarlow and Sellers (2001), in accordance with findings from further research (Bryan, Luszcz, & Crawford, 1997; Butman, Allegri, Harris, & Drake, 2000; Lanting, Haugrud, & Crossley, 2009; Pena-Casanova et al., 2009).
TABLE 1: The ventricular arrhythmia score (VAS), the duration time of VT (VTt) and VF (VFt) in different groups at [T.sub.3] (n = 12, mean [+ or -] SD).
La tc de la C2 (17.65 g/dia) se ubico dentro del intervalo de confianza de las tc para las crias durante dicha temporada (X = 38.64 g/dia, IC 95%: 14.61 - 63.69, n = 42, VFT datos no publicados).
The three tests administered consisted of the Graphic Imagery Attributes Test (GIAT) to determine the visual spatial skills of children, the Graphic Writing Test (GWT) that required dictation and copying of words and letters, and the Verbal Fluency Test (VFT) consisting of talk that the child generated about a drawing made by the child.
XP Power announced the VFT Series of 150-W single output AC-DC power supplies aimed at high volume, cost-sensitive applications.
This technique, referred to as value-focused thinking, or VFT, has been usefully applied in numerous portfolio-based decision problems throughout DoD.
The following sites were designated in this mapping analysis: Forearm (Fa), Doral Face of Head (DFH), Ventral Face of Head (VFH), Thigh (Th), Dorsal (Do), Ventral (Ve), Lateral neck pocket (Lnp), Auxiliary pocket (Pax), Inguinal Mite Pocket (Pin), Arm (Ar), Inside Elbow (IE), Inside knee (IK), Pre-Femoral Region (PFR), Leg (Lg), Dorsal Face of the Tail (DFt), Ventral Face of the Tail (VFt) (Figure 1).
The Venus flytrap (VFT), Dionaea muscipula, is fire adapted because it can regenerate vegetatively from its rhizome after seasonal fires.