VFTSVex File Transfer System
VFTSVoices from the Shadows
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Chris Evans from the Science and Technology Facilities Council's UK Astronomy Technology Centre, the principal investigator of VFTS and a co-author of the study, said: 'In fact, our results suggest that most of the stellar mass is actually no longer in low-mass stars, but a significant fraction is in high-mass stars.'
The first to be found, VFTS 016, came to light in 2006 when a team led by Ian Howarth (University College London) observed it with the 3.9-m Anglo-Australian Telescope.
Chris Evans (Royal Observatory, Edinburgh) and colleagues found that VFTS 016 emits one of the strongest stellar winds known for an O-type star, implying that it's roughly 90 solar masses.
Verbal fluency tasks (VFT) are a traditional paradigm for neuropsychological assessment.
Semantic, phonological and action VFTs are based on evoking common entities: they demand concepts that share a high number of traits among members of the same category (Semenza, 2006).
An extraordinarily bright isolated star VFTS 682, three million times brighter and 150 times heavier  than the Sun, has been found in a nearby galaxy by an international team of astronomers.
In addition, VFTs with letter or phoneme rules seem to address the associations with frontal lobe functioning, particularly in the left hemisphere of healthy middle-aged adults (Herrmann, Ehlis, & Fallgatter, 2003).
This difference in speed could imply that VFTS 102 is a runaway star -- a star that has been ejected from a double star system after its companion exploded as a supernova.
The new results on VFTS 682 are among the first of this survey.
In order to define impairment the criterion of two standard deviations below mean was used and three cognitive measures were assumed: memory (i.e., abnormal score on CVLT), processing speed (i.e., abnormal score on color and/or word conditions of the SCWT), and executive functioning (i.e., abnormal score on the interference condition of the SCWT, on phonemic and/or semantic conditions of the VFT).
Therefore, another variable, Virtual Finishing Time (VFT), is calculated and replaces the ideal departure time D*(i, f).