VFVV for Vendetta (comic book vertigo)
VFVVeteranen Fahrzeug Verband (German: Vintage Vehicle Association; Wiesbaden, Germany)
VFVVorarlberger Fußballverband (German: Austrian soccer club)
VFVVoies Ferrées du Velay (French: Velay Railways; France)
VFVVariable Fuel Vehicle
VFVVolunteer for the Visayans (Philippines)
VFVVacations for Veterans, LLC (Washington, DC)
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The Chevrolet Lumina VFV modified to run on ethanol (E85).
While technical challenges remain for fuels blended with more than 10 percent ethanol, the Lumina VFVs have specially modified fuel systems to handle alcohol fuels.
We've committed to a VFV program in Sacramento that will help determine the overall direction Avis takes to fight pollution throughout the State of California, the United States and the world," said Robert Salerno, senior vice president and general manager-rent a car at Avis.
Chevrolet introduced the VFV Luminas for sale during their 1992 model year.
Avis is making it easy for rental customers to become familiar with alternative fuel vehicles -- the VFV Luminas," said Perkins.
Using a variety of corporate resources, including the company's state-of-the-art Wizard computer-based reservation and information system, Avis will collect data concerning customer perception of the VFV Luminas, the vehicle's overall performance, Avis' service quality and other factors.
Each Avis customer who rents a VFV Lumina will be queried in one of two ways: a survey developed by Avis, with input from the California Energy Commission and Chevrolet, will be distributed to each customer at time of rental; or customers will be called directly through Avis' "Owners Calling You" customer service program.
Using Wizard system capabilities, Owners Calling You can target specific customers, such as those who have rented the VFV Luminas.
When refilling the VFV Luminas, customers can choose to use unleaded gasoline or M85.