VFZVideo Effects
VFZVector Format for Zooming
VFZViktor Frankl Zentrum (Vienna, Austria)
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VFZ uses a unique proprietary combination of raster (pixel-based) and vector technology, developed to preserve subtle color shadings and prevent the pixilation effect.
VFZ client and enterprise applications are built on an open, extensible, scalable architecture designed to easily integrate into most digital asset management systems or into user's own digital archive system.
Celartem offers a full suite of Windows* and Mac-based VFZ software applications for single users, including: VFZoom 2.2 and the soon-to-be-released Photoshop and QuarkXPress plug-ins.
See, for example, John Alexander Dowie, "Reasonings for Inquirers Concerning Divine Healing Teaching," VFZ, July 1900, 1-31.
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In the covering areas in the VUfZ (1) and the VFZ (2) there are:
In the intermeshing areas in the VUfZ [1] and the VFZ [2] there are:
The calculation of areas of the non-rotating nip walls with [[a.sup.fc].sub.i,n2] and [[a.sup.fc].sub.1,n3] as well as their exposure time are shown in Appendix B, and the calculation of [[a.sup.fc].sub.2,n3] which the films are distributed partially to the opening area and partially to the intermeshing area in the VFZ [2] and its exposure time are shown in Appendix C.
The nip walls coordinates, [X.sub.1] and [X.sub.2] as well as the degrees of filling, [f.sub.1] and [f.sub.2] for the VUfZ [1] and the VFZ [2] can be related by the mass balance between the two zones as shown in Eqs 9 and 13.