VGAMVein of Galen Arteriovenous Malformation
VGAMVector Generalized Additive Model
VGAMVein of Galen Aneurysmal Malformations
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The Zero Schock acts in the initial timeframe of the accident, say less than half millisecond to 5-10 milliseconds, while the VGAM starts to be effective when the vehicle eventually tends to "take off"--around 10 milliseconds into the accident.
The problem is that at that point the vehicle might be launched into the air by the blast--when the ABBS system comes into action, the VGAM being based on novel fast-acting, powerful rocket motors that apply a downforce on the vehicle to negate upward acceleration.
Digital substraction angiography (DSA) confirmed a mural type of VGAM supplied by the left posterior medial choroidal artery.
VGAM is divided into choroidal and mural types, based on the arterial supply.
VGAM must be distinguished from vein of Galen aneurysmal dilatation (VGAD).
Presentation of VGAM depends on the age of the patient.
After 30 weeks' gestation, VGAM can be detected sonographically as a midline supratentorial cystic mass posterior to the third ventricle demonstrating high-velocity turbulent flow on colour Doppler.