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VGBBritish Virgin Islands (ISO Country code)
VGBVirginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (US)
VGBVirtual GameBoy
VGBVertical Banded Gastroplasty
VGBVery Good Boy
VGBVoice Grade Budget
VGBVereniging, Groothandelaren, Bloemkwekerijprodukten
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Frank Parsons is credited with the founding of the VGB and arguably with launching the vocational guidance movement (Briddick, 2009).
The first universal message from the VGB congress was that renewables must assume their full role in the energy market.
Andrew's website lists a special offer of PS350 for four face-to-face VGB sessions.
This was really the blueprint according to which vocational psychology would be structured and delivered, at least within the VGB of New South Wales, until the early 1980s.
Algunas formas de expresion de la VGB en contextos de conflicto armado son:
VGB es un analogo estructural de GABA, el cual inhibe irreversiblemente la GABA transaminasa (GABA-T), la enzima responsable de la degradacion del GABA (10,11).
Impacts of the CAFE Programme on the Electricity Industry: Joint Eurelectric - VGB Workshop, December 13.
Einflu[beta] des Schwefels auf die Dioxin- und Furanbildung bei der Klarschlammverbrennung, VGB Kraftwerkstechnik 72, Heft 2, 159-165, 1992.
The appearance of the specialty chemicals group LANXESS at the annual Chemistry in Power Plants conference of VGB PowerTech e.
CMP serves over 700 active customers and offers over 6,900 products, including spa jets, water features, LED products, white goods, VGB drains, valves and replacement parts.
x] emissions by the use of primary methods in a different burning chambers // VGB Kraftwerkstechnik.