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VGBBritish Virgin Islands (ISO Country code)
VGBVirginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (US)
VGBVirtual GameBoy
VGBVertical Banded Gastroplasty
VGBVery Good Boy
VGBVoice Grade Budget
VGBVereniging, Groothandelaren, Bloemkwekerijprodukten
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This means that the nursing staff is facing health and safety risks such as eyestrain, fatigue, headaches, muscle tensions, and stress when they implement activities such as dealing with body fluids, body waste, and contaminated objects (VGB 2018; Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health 2015, 2011; ILO 2014).
phenobarbitone, valproic acid) and subsequently according to need, placed on specific drugs like oral vigabatrin (VGB), prednisolone and parenteral adrenocortical hormone (ACTH) or methylprednisolone.
Busch, "Condition of internal coatings of cooling towers as a consequence of FGD operating loads and of environmental impacts," VGB PowerTech, vol.
Parsons and his colleagues at the Breadwinner's Institute and the Vocation Guidance Bureau (VGB) of the Boston Civic Service House found that they had to do much more than case management alone.
This was the main message at the annual congress in Maastricht, the Netherlands, on 25-27 September, of VGB, the European technical association for power and heat generation.
In 2011, Carrie's mum gave her a Christmas gift of vouchers for Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) therapy at an Edinburgh clinic run by Andrew Farquharson.
Architecture: LM Architectural Group; Interior Design: Environmental Space Planning; General Contractor: Parkwest Projects; Electrical Engineer: MCW/AGE Engineers; Mechanical Engineer Nova 3 Consulting Engineers; Brick: IXL The Brick People; Window Frames: Kawneer Company Canada; Exterior Metal Panel: Flynn Canada, Ltd; Vinyl: InPro Corporation; Flooring: Erv Parent Group; Wall Panels: VGB Distributors Ltd.; Paint: Cloverdale Paint Inc.; Glazing Units: AGC Glass
Experience with austenitic steels type 321 and 347 in German boiling water reactors (BWR), VGB Kraftwerkstechnik, vol.
* At this time, ACTH and VGB are the only drugs with proven efficacy to suppress clinical spasms and abolish the hypsarrhythmic EEG in a randomized clinical trial setting (Mackay et al., 2004) and thus remain first-line treatments.
(5) Schroth, T., Rothmann, A., and Schmitt, D., "Nutzwert eines dreistufigen Luftfiltersystems mit innovativer Technoloie fuer stationaere Gasturbinen", VGB Powertech, 87, 48-51 (2007).
Vocational psychologists such as Greville Booth, Richard Sweet, Raymond Field and James Hand were all past senior psychologists with the New South Wales Vocational Guidance Bureau (VGB).