VGBFVereinigung für Gefahrstoff und Brandschutzforschung
VGBFVirtual Global Biodiversity Forum
VGBFVästergötlands Bowlingförbund (Mariestad, Sweden)
VGBFvon Bertalanffy growth function
VGBFvariable graph blocking factor
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The VGBF calculates the parameter [L.sub.[infinity]], which is interpreted as the maximum mean shell height, or DVM, attained, and K is the growth coefficient that determines how fast an oyster approaches [L.sub.[infinity]] (Bertalanffy 1938, Bertalanffy 1957).
where [L.sub.[infinity]] and K = the VGBF model parameters; T = the mean water temperature (12.7[degrees]C); and [t.sub.max] = the age of the oldest fish sampled (Hoenig, 1983).
These differences were also evident in plots of bootstrap parameter estimates, the two sites being clearly separated in the parameter space, and showed none of the high nonlinear correlations evident in the standard VGBF estimates (Fig.