VGCFVinod Gupta Charitable Foundation (India)
VGCFVapour Grown- carbon Fibres
VGCFVoronoi Galaxy Cluster Finder (astronomy research automatic procedure)
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VGCF and PS matrix with 2 wt% antioxidant were mixed in a Hakke miniaturized internal mixer rheomix 600 at a roll speed of 60 rpm for 12 min at 190 C.
Figure 2 shows p as a function of VGCF volume content Up) for the composites at room temperature, p Drops dramatically more than 10 orders of magnitude with increasing [phi] from 3 to 8 vol%.
To prepare PI/VGCF nanocomposite films with different VGCF concentrations, a desired quantity of the VGCF was added to NMP.
SDK has therefore decided to increase its production capacities for SCMG and VGCF, which contribute toward increasing the capacity and extending the life of LIBs.
SDK has succeeded in the development of SCMG on the strength of its lithium-ion battery evaluation technology developed jointly with customers through R&D of VGCF.
Two types of CNFs used in this work were VGCF and vapor-grown carbon nanofibers (VGNF) produced by the CCVD method.
The best reinforcing effect is obtained with xGnP-1 that increases the modulus ~900% at a loading of 20 vol% followed by carbon black (at low loadings), PAN-based carbon fibers, VGCF and xGnP-15 and the nanoclay.
In the second half of the year, the Company started expanding its production capacity of VGCF vapor-grown carbon nanofiber, which is used as additives in lithium-ion batteries.
Demand for VGCF is continuing to grow rapidly, mainly for use as additives in lithium-ion batteries.