VGKVegas Golden Knights (hockey team; Las Vegas, NV)
VGKVery Good Knee (prosthetics)
VGKVillage Go Kart (Morocco)
VGKVerkhovnoe Glavnokomandovanie (Soviet Union Supreme High Command)
VGKVishwa Gnana Kendras (Sri Lankan community telecommunication center)
VGKVirtuelles Graduierten-Kolleg (Virtual Phd Program)
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Spencer said the water-proof VGK allowed Williams multiple functions like walking at different speeds and safely moving up and down the stairs or hills.
The rest of Europe's stock market, as tracked by the Vanguard European ETF (VGK) followed suit by crashing 10.90% in just a matter of days.
The company has also successfully leased 52% of available unites in Saleat VGK Mall, with expected revenue of EGP 162m.
In that context, the use of modern abbreviations (VGK for Verkhovnoe glavnokomandovanie, military high command) adds eerily 20th-century echoes to the text.
VGK increases coal production and shipment through the seaport of Shakhtersk.
dollar will move, but as in 2015, investors benefited from owning HEDJ over its un-hedged counterpart the Vanguard Europe ETF (VGK).
VGK provides employees with housing, high-paying wages, benefits that are common in the Far North, as well as a number of other support measures.
According to the press-secretary of Oleksandr Samoilovich, increasing the extraction and shipment of coal, VGK increases the taxable base, which affects the deductions to all levels of budgets.
Tenders are invited for Vernier Clip On Type Sensor For Vgk Sh I, Horizontal Type, Induction Heating Equipment.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Balance Terminal And Associate Works For Gail Kcjp Vgk Vemagiri Pl Of Gail Kg Basin