VGKVillage Go Kart (Morocco)
VGKVerkhovnoe Glavnokomandovanie (Soviet Union Supreme High Command)
VGKVishwa Gnana Kendras (Sri Lankan community telecommunication center)
VGKVirtuelles Graduierten-Kolleg (Virtual Phd Program)
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The VGK Platform integrated with the Kanzi UI Solution creates the first ever all-inclusive 2D and 3D UI development tool kit with video and audio support.
Our flagship product, the VGK platform, is a collection of integrated software tools that enable rapid prototyping, compact code development and cross-platform support to quickly deliver Flash functionality for customers in mobile, consumer electronics, broadcast TV and embedded markets.
Animated Media, the Animated Media Logo, and VGK Platform are trademarks of Animated Media Inc.
Three such options in this market are VGK, IDV, and DFE, as all three of these pay great yields and have beaten out the S&P 500 over the past month (also read 3 ETFs for Rising Interest Rates).
The VGK team, who specializes in Northern California Shopping Centers, is very proud of this largest multi-city transaction award," said Gomez, Senior Vice President with Colliers International's San Francisco office.
VIPER Shares Ticker Expense Ratio Vanguard European VIPERs(R) seek to track the VGK 0.
AMI) are pleased to announce a collaborative relationship to offer AMI's VGK platform, a collection of integrated software tools that extend Adobe's Flash product functionality by allowing the technology to operate in a wide variety of systems, from low-power embedded devices to high-end 3D computers, for Vivante's GPUs.
Animated Media's VGK platform allows stunning graphics and animations to be used on the small screens of mobile and handheld devices, and scaled to HD 1080p resolutions when connected to native or external displays.
0 accelerated pipeline and AMI's VGK platform allows device manufacturers to use multiple Flash engines in parallel, and map Flash objects into a 3D environment.
323 and SS7 protocols, VocalTec has also achieved interoperability between Microsoft software and its own SIP Server VSS 4000 announced last March as an adjunct to the popular VocalTec VGK 1000 H.