VGPOVereniging voor Gereformeerd Primair Onderwijs (Dutch: Association for Reformed Primary Education)
VGPOVelocity-Gate Pull-Off
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A radar threat can be select among five types, pulse type search radar, continuous wave (CW) type search radar, monopulse radar with range and angle tracking, monopulse Doppler radar with range, angle, and velocity tracking, and monopulse CW radar with angle and velocity tracking, and an electronic attack can be selected among seven types: barrage and spot noise jamming, RGPO and RGPI range deceptive jamming, VGPO and VGPI velocity deceptive jamming, and no jamming.
* ECM systems onboard plafforms will be genuinely effective, because they will have almost unlimited resources (active phased-array antennas with instantaneous beam positioning) and will be capable of generating extremely effective noise and deception jamming signals (generated by DRFM) and angular jamming against monopulse, with or without frequency agility, without the need to resort to RGPO or VGPO techniques, both of which can be countered by suitable ECCM.
Figure 4 illustrates the time history of a velocity gate pull off (VGPO) jammer.