VGPRVery Good Partial Remission
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Among the 23 patients who had received prior lenalidomide (including lenalidomide-refractory patients), 48% had a clinical response to treatment - three (13%) had a VGPR, five (22%) had a PR, and three (13%) had a MR.
Of 53 evaluable patients, after a median of four cycles, six patients achieved a partial response (PR) or better, including one stringent CR, one near-CR, one VGPR and three PR
Half of the patients remained on therapy for at least five treatment cycles (approximately 5 months), including all of the patients who had VGPRs.
A VGPR is a new response category in multiple myeloma introduced as part of the International Myeloma Working Group Criteria.
The results showed an overall response rate of 75% (43/57), including 51% (29/57) PR, 12% (7/57) VGPR, 5% (3/57) CR and 7% (4/57) stringent CR (sCR).
The Company's stock trades under the symbol VGPR on the pinksheets.
Patients in the landmark analysis who received Rd achieved an overall response rate of 89 percent and CR + VGPR of 56 percent.