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The release introduced new support for multiple NVIDIA GRID virtual GPUs (vGPU) per virtual machine to enable more graphics and compute intensive workloads to run on the platform.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 26, 2019-: Mellanox Works with VMware and NVIDIA to Enable High Performance Virtualized Machine Learning Solutions; vSphere's Advanced Paravirtualization over RDMA (PVRDMA) Networking Technology and NVIDIA's Latest vGPU Solution Enable Efficient Machine Learning Deployments
The team will showcase distributed rendering (running the rendering process across more than one machine or render farm), software defined storage as well as GPU and vGPU acceleration - all orchestrated under a single management console.
As an example, Honda's Next-gen Engineering Workstation (EWS) project is a cloud-based CAD-VDI environment for R&D offices and factories that is based on NVIDIA's Grid vGPU (virtual GPU), a graphics-accelerated cloud solution, and the NVIDIA Tesla M60 GPU accelerator.
Our future work will extend the performance evaluation to GPU virtualization, for both simulated and hardware-assisted vGPU. And then, we will take performance tunings and optimizations based on the benchmarking results.
If you go to VMware VGPU, you'll see the public companies that they posted.
Showcased as a technology preview, the solution demonstrates the next generation of VMware Blast Performance and Nvidia GRID vGPU technology to satisfy customer's most demanding visual computing needs.
Moskva, Vladimir: Institut yazykoznaniya RAN, VGPU. (In Russian).
At the time of the acquisition, FluiDyna was an NVIDIA Elite Partner for DGX and Tesla technology, as well as an NVIDIA Preferred Partner for vGPU and Quadro technology.
Red Hat Virtualization 4.2 is now also supported with NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU), enabling customers to deliver enhanced performance to remote users while helping to maximize physical infrastructure utilization.
VMware announced the launching of Horizon 6 and vSphere 6 with the NVIDIA GRID vGPU (graphics processing unit).