VGRSVariable Gear Ratio System
VGRSVariable Gear Ratio Steering
VGRSVeriSign Global Registry Services (Mountain View, CA)
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The VGRS system may, in rare instances, exhibit a temporary steering wheel off-centre condition.
VGRS features an actuator that has a reduction mechanism with strain wave gearing that adjusts the actual gear ratio between the steering pinion and rack.
Physicians had assumed that only people with unusual electroencephalograms (EEGs) in response to flashing lights are candidates for VGRS, notes Edward J.
But he adds that VGRS usually results from a sensitivity to light.
They point out that prior to having a VGRS, most of the patients--27--had never suffered a seizure.
The steering wheel off-center position will automatically be corrected in about 5 seconds by the VGRS system as the vehicle is driven, the company said.
The integration of such systems as VDIM, VGRS and AVS*3 aids collision-avoidance maneuvering.