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VGSVideregående Skole (Norwegian school)
VGSVariable Gear Steering System
VGSValhalla Game Studios
VGSVirtual Game Station
VGSVocational Guidance Services (various locations)
VGSVoodoo Glow Skulls (Ska band)
VGSVideo Game System
VGSVodafone Global Standard (cellular phones)
VGSVolunteer Gliding School
VGSEscort-Scouting Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1942 to 1943)
VGSVoltage Gate to Source
VGSVelocity Gate Stealer
VGSVideo Game Source (video game website)
VGSVacuum Gain System
VGSVector Generation Subsystem
VGSVideo Game Support
VGSVillanueva Gabionza & de Santos (law offices, Makati, Philippines)
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Not surprisingly, due to these impacts, the requirement to apply the VGS to non-precision approaches was not well received by stakeholders.
Respecto a la relacion del estado nutricional de los pacientes, medido por la VGS, con los otros factores analizados en el el estudio, resultaron significativos el IMC (28,54 en bien nutridos y el 24,4 en los que tenian riesgo de desnutricion; p=0,023), creatinina (8,54 vs.
Through selective pressure, antibiotics that target Gram-negative organisms, such as quinolones, may promote VGS expansion and increase the risk of a patient becoming bacteremic [23].
The quantity and quality of mesh do have a great influence on CFD simulation results, so it is significant to ensure the comparison of the effects on blades with VGs and blades without VGs under the same grid.
However, the pressure losses penalty due to the using of the VGs in the fin-and-tube heat exchangers need to search other configurations to ensure a better heat transfer performance at lowest energy cost.
Prices of the Isuzu D-MAX 3.0 VGS Turbo come in the exciting Venetian Red color along with the existing colors Cosmic Black, Garnet Red, Titanium Silver and Splash White.
These tools and resources can be accessed from any of the VLEs, mobile AR clients and VGs integrated in the system (DR1).
The study cohort comprised patients at MD Anderson Cancer (MDACC) who had VGS isolated from their blood between July 1, 2011, and December 1, 2012.
He adds that almost all of VGS' products can be used for holiday displays, and feature the patented lift-up MagaLens technology, which makes changing out messages and graphics quick and easy, as well as GripFlex technology, which is used to create perforated panel systems for maximum changeability.
Entre los metodos de evaluacion nutricional propuestos en pacientes hospitalizados, se encuentra la VGS (24-25), publicada por Detsky y colaboradores en 1987 (26).
The NTNS3193NZ is a 20-V, single Nchannel, 0.75-[OMEGA] typical on resistance at [+ or -]4.5 voltage gate-to-source (VGS) device.
to promote FIRST-Progesterone VGS vaginal suppository compounding kits.