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VGSVideregående Skole (Norwegian school)
VGSVirtual Game Station
VGSVoodoo Glow Skulls (Ska band)
VGSVideo Game System
VGSVolunteer Gliding School
VGSEscort-Scouting Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1942 to 1943)
VGSVoltage Gate to Source
VGSVelocity Gate Stealer
VGSVideo Game Source (video game website)
VGSVacuum Gain System
VGSVector Generation Subsystem
VGSVillanueva Gabionza & de Santos (law offices, Makati, Philippines)
VGSVocational Guidance Services (various locations)
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Respecto a la relacion del estado nutricional de los pacientes, medido por la VGS, con los otros factores analizados en el el estudio, resultaron significativos el IMC (28,54 en bien nutridos y el 24,4 en los que tenian riesgo de desnutricion; p=0,023), creatinina (8,54 vs.
VGS endocarditis generally presents with an indolent course, involving prolonged low-grade fever and a variety of somatic complaints such as arthralgia, myalgia, weight loss, rigors, fatigue, weakness, and diaphoresis, which are symptoms mimicking the clinical course described in the present case.
All disputes and claims have been settled between Elite and the VGS Parties, including those alleged in the action commenced by Elite against the VGS Parties on 28 April 2014, as well as ends Elite's ownership in Novel.
The study cohort comprised patients at MD Anderson Cancer (MDACC) who had VGS isolated from their blood between July 1, 2011, and December 1, 2012.
Para la VGS se empleo el test original propuesto por Detsky y colaboradores (11), con el cual se evaluaron seis items (perdida de peso, ingesta alimentaria, presencia de sintomas gastrointestinales, capacidad funcional, demanda metabolica y examen fisico) y se clasifico al paciente en tres grupos: (A) bien nutrido, (B) con desnutricion moderada o riesgo de desnutricion y (C) con desnutricion severa.
Mr Shearn pointed out that he was not in a position to seek permission from VGS because he'd believed he was covered by the AA.
The VGS is run by Squadron Leader Ed Griffith who has been there for 25 years, 11 as a commanding officer.
With the described VGS system, you can define the exact composition of gas in the container of every package.
We love to use the VGS handsets though, with their international voice and data-roaming capabilities.
The VGS 3010 features a suction cup and an efficient multi-stage air-driven vacuum pump integrated in a single unit called a gripper.
The VGS 3010, called the Gripper, features a suction cup and a multi-stage air driven vacuum pump integrated in a single unit.
Investigators suspect the men were doing business as Vegastronics and VGS Electronics.