VGSCVoltage-Gated Sodium Channel
VGSCVictorian Government Spatial Committee (Australia)
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The authors of the current study exposed neurons cultured from the cerebral cortices of embryonic mice to the same 11 pyrethroids, then examined how VGSCs responded.
Our demonstration of the ability of permethrin to antagonize deltamethrin-induced VGSC activation indicates that permethrin also interacts with VGSCs in cerebrocortical neurons.
Studies of binary combinations of pyrethroids indicate that type I and type II compounds may act competitively on VGSCs (Motomura and Narahashi 2001; Song et al.
A comprehensive study of the relative potencies of pyrethroids on VGSCs in intact mammalian neurons has not previously been undertaken.
To confirm the role of VGSCs in pyrethroid-induced increases of [Na.
influx; thus, we sought to confirm that they interacted with VGSCs in mouse neurons.
VGSCs are well-established targets of pyrethroid effects and clearly contribute to the insecticidal and toxicological actions of these compounds (Narahashi 1996).
VGSC recorded a $25,000 for severance and accruals related to the sale of particular assets.
The writeoff for the wholly-owned subsidiaries was $361,000 after tax, and $943,000 for VGSC and VGDC.