VGSIVisual Glide Slope Indicator
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You dig to remember that VGSI is Visual Glideslope Indicator; among the several varieties found, the PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator) is the most common, followed by VASIs (Visual Approach Slope Indicators).
The VGSI issued 100,000 shares valued at the fair market value of $3.
The VGSI can only be received out to 4 miles, whereas the ILS glideslope intercept altitude is 4.
Those notes on the AeroNav chart about the VGSI requirement sure seem unnecessary and redundant.
Waivers for 20:1 visual area penetrations existing below the VGSI obstacle clearance surface have been authorized for a long time.
CDFAs can also be considered at Part 139 air-carrier airport runways with visual glideslope indicators (VGSI) where the VDA is no lower than the VGSI angle and is aligned within 10 degrees of the runway centerline.
You can get a better idea about the obstacle environment below the MDA when a VGSI is installed at the runway you're approaching.
Bowlin's practice of beginining the "modest decent" before VDP or VGSI intercept, your clear view of the runway will last only until a second before impact, when the runway and approach lights suddenly disappear from the windshield, replaced by the thumping of tree branches.