VGTOFViolent Gang and Terrorist Organization File
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4) After verifying and documenting that these conditions have been met, law enforcement agencies can enter the appropriate data into the VGTOF.
For this reason, the VGTOF will accept numerous records for groups sharing the same name.
Because details such as these are vital to officer safety, agencies entering data into the VGTOF should "pack the record" with as much pertinent information as possible.
Agencies entering data into the VGTOF must update the records they establish and delete any information that is no longer valid.
The VGTOF currently contains entries for 445 groups and 180 individuals.
37) GAO recommended that the Attorney General should (1) clarify what information generated by the Brady background check process could be shared with counterterrorism officials; and (2) either more frequently monitor background checks conducted by full and partial POC States that result in terrorism-related VGTOF hits, or allow the FBI to handle such cases.
Protocols have been established for state and local law enforcement to cover the eventuality that a positive NCIC VGTOF hit indicates that they have encountered a known or suspected terrorist.
Marshal Service's want and warrants file and the VGTOF, but full criminal background history checks are only performed when travelers are diverted into secondary inspections for certain irregularities or suspicious behavior.
Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology Program VGTOF Violent Crime and Terrorist Organization Fil Table 1.