VGVVeel Gestelde Vragen (Dutch: Frequently Asked Question)
VGVVertraglich Gebundene Vermittler (German: Tied Agent)
VGVVar God Vänd
VGVVacuum Gate Valve
VGVVoiture Grande Vitesse (French: High Speed Car)
VGVVélo à Grande Vitesse (French: High Speed Cycling)
VGVVariable Guide Vanes
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The VGV would cut journey times from Newcastle to London by 45 minutes to two hours and Sheffield to London by an hour to 74 minutes.
At end March 2008, the real estate projects outside the Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro regions accounted for 39% of the potential VGV of its total land bank.
Agra reports a land bank with an approximate proprietary potential VGV of BRL11 billion in March 2008, of which 44% is located in the state of Sao Paulo and 40% in the Northeast region.