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VH2Van Halen Second Incarnation (Sammy Hagar on vocals)
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Valencia Hipotecario 2, Fondo de Titulizacion de Hipotecaria (VH2):
VH1, which applies a single band and VH2, which applies two bands simultaneously.
The VH2, however, blankets the entire room with warmth--floor to ceiling, wall to wall, and corner to corner.
Model VH2 sports a tighter grill and inlet spacing to maximize vortex heat generation.
On the ventral surface, where the veins are most visible, VF1, VF3, VH1, and VH3 roughly measured the length of the wing; VF2, VF4, VH2, and VH4 measured width.
VH2's cash RF has amortised close to its floor of EUR5 million.
But more recently it moved in the direction of reality TV shows, leaving spin-offs VH2 and VH1 Classic to concentrate on the music.