VHAVeterans Health Administration
VHAVodafone Hutchison Australia (telecommunications)
VHAVirus de l'Hépatite A (French: Hepatitis A)
VHAVariable Housing Allowance
VHAVery High Altitude
VHAVillages Homeowners Association
VHAVoluntary Hospitals Association
VHAVirtual Home Agent
VHAVilleurbanne Handball Association (France)
VHAVapor Hazard Area
VHAVermont Holstein-Friesian Association
VHAVoluntary Health Agency
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The integration of MDS will enable VHA to develop regionally based advisory teams who understand important geographic distinctions that impact member needs related to population health, network strategies, and partnership and affiliation strategies, the company said.
VHA was not providing all first-time patients a full mental-health evaluation within 14 days.
Prior studies have found that up to 70% of VHA users hospitalized for acute myocardial infarction and 76% of patients hospitalized for stroke were admitted to non-VHA hospitals, which may reflect greater access to non-VHA hospitals during an acute illness, where proximity is important (Wright et al.
While the individual hospitals will still be allowed to make independent purchasing decisions, there is a stated commitment to pursue product standardization through the VHA SupplyNetworks program to further improve cost savings.
10 December 2010 - US-based healthcare staffing and workforce solutions company AMN Healthcare (NYSE: AHS) announced yesterday that it has amended its agreement between its Nursefinders division and VHA Inc to expand the scope of its provider relationship.
In the VHA, each visit to a specialty clinic, admission and consult are followed back to the patient's primary healthcare provider via electronic files.
VHA vets have significantly longer duration of the disease compared to non-VHA veterans and nonveterans.
The HPTi team will work with VHA to establish procedures, tools, and processes to enhance internal efficiencies and optimally manage VA projects.
Joyce Grant, Director of Purchasing at Torrance Memorial Hospital, said, "MD Buyline and VHA do excellent business together and provide us with the most accurate and up to date information.
As part of its Enhanced Packet Core solution, VHA will also implement the Cisco 7613 mobile security gateway.
Efforts to assess the quality of VHA cardiac care by comparing risk-adjusted outcomes between VHA hospitals and private sector hospitals face a substantial methodologic challenge.