VHAPVermont Health Access Plan
VHAPVolatile Hazardous Air Pollutant
VHAPVeterans Housing Assistance Program
VHAPVoluntary Health Association of Punjab (India)
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With the introduction of the 1115 waiver and access to Federal funds, VHAP Pharmacy covered all prescription drugs, including contraception medications and devices, insulin supplies, and needles and syringes.
Despite differences in benefits between the VHAP program and the VScript and VScript Expanded programs, an earlier analysis of drug claims data revealed that enrollees in VHAP Pharmacy and VScript were equally likely to suffer from chronic illnesses and use similar types and amounts of prescription drugs (Gilman, Gage, and Mitchell, 2003).
VHAP Pharmacy, VScript, and VScript Expanded required enrollee cost sharing, which also underwent major changes since each program's inception.
State eligibility files provide a complete record of dates of enrollment by type of program, including VHAP Pharmacy, VScript, and VScript Expanded.
We used a cross-sectional evaluation design in which the impact of drug coverage is measured as the difference in average medical expenditures among a representative sample of enrollees in VHAP Pharmacy, VScript, and VScript Expanded and a representative sample of Medicare beneficiaries who were eligible or near eligible for but not enrolled in any of the State-sponsored assistance programs, after controlling for differences in health status and other potentially confounding factors such as supplemental medical coverage between the two groups.
Since VHAP Pharmacy covered more drugs and charged a lower copayment, we would expect to see a larger coverage effect under the more generous program.
There is no waiting period to enroll in VHAP for individuals that lose their insurance for one of these reasons.
Even with Catamount Health, VHAP, and Medicaid, there are still tens of thousands of uninsured Vermonters and many, many more who are paying too much for inadequate health care.
VHAP of Potential Concern -- Any VHAP from the non-threshold, high concern, or unrankable list.
By tracking the use of these chemicals, and comparing it against a baseline usage, companies can determine if they are using more of the VHAPs.
The VHAPs of Potential Concern and their de minimis usage levels are: dimethyl formamide (1.
The trends report would briefly describe current and emerging technologies being used by manufacturers to reduce emissions and would inform the public of all substantial usage of VHAPs and VOCs by the industry.