VHAPVermont Health Access Plan
VHAPVolatile Hazardous Air Pollutant
VHAPVeterans Housing Assistance Program
VHAPVoluntary Health Association of Punjab (India)
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(9) Agency of Human Servs., supra note 7, at 1; see also 1 Vermont Health Access Plan (VHAP) Qualifications, GREENMOUNTAINCARE, http://www.greenmountaincare.org/vermont-healthinsurance-plans/vermont-health- access-plan/vhap-qualifications (last visited Apr.
Green Mountain Care (VHAP, Catamount Healthcare, Medicaid, Dr.
Eligibility for VHAP Pharmacy, VScript, and VScript Expanded was based on a range of criteria including: age, disability, income, residency, and private pharmacy coverage.
With the introduction of the 1115 waiver and access to Federal funds, VHAP Pharmacy covered all prescription drugs, including contraception medications and devices, insulin supplies, and needles and syringes.
Mechanizmus tvorenia VHAP. In: Seminar doktorandov.
Uninsured Vermonters making less than these amounts are eligible for either VHAP or Medicaid.
Catamount Health has a pre-existing conditions clause (VHAP and Medicaid do not) that applies to anyone who has a medically diagnosed condition and has had a gap in insurance coverage in the previous nine months.
* Companies that comply with NESHAP by calculating the average VHAP content for all finishing materials used at the facility or the average VHAP content across all finishing materials used at the facility, must maintain copies of the averaging calculation for each month.
VHAP of Potential Concern -- Any VHAP from the non-threshold, high concern, or unrankable list.
The trends report would briefly describe current and emerging technologies being used by manufacturers to reduce emissions and would inform the public of all substantial usage of VHAPs and VOCs by the industry.
Ultraviolet A (UVA)-curable coatings are being researched as an alternative to traditional two-component (2K) polyurethane aerospace topcoats because of their rapid cure rates, low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), low volatile hazardous air pollutants (VHAPs) and high performance properties.
These advantages encouraged the OEM and coating manufacturers to adapt to this environmentally friendly greener technology as opposed to the traditional high VOC and VHAPs solventborne systems.