VHCVirus de l'Hépatite C (French: Hepatitis C)
VHCVirnetx Holding Corporation (Scotts Valley, CA)
VHCValved Holding Chamber
VHCVery High Compression (General Motors)
VHCVillage Health Committee (various locations)
VHCVirginia Horse Center (Lexington, Virginia)
VHCVermont Humanities Council
VHCValdez Heli-Camps (Valdez, AK)
VHCVéhicules Historiques de Collection (French: Collection of Historic Vehicles)
VHCVestibular Hair Cell
VHCVirtual Host Controller (Web Server Hosting Virtualization)
VHCVirtual Heritage Center (Project)
VHCVertical Horizons Church (North Carolina)
VHCVenturing High Council
VHCVertical Horizons Contracting (Lincoln, NE)
VHCVolatile Halogenated Compound
VHCVacation House Check (security)
VHCVolumetric Heat Capacity
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VHCs are advantageous for patients who have difficultly coordinating their inspiration with the activation of the inhaler, such as children and the elderly.
A few further comments are in order regarding Tables 1-3: (1) the superscripts in Tables 1 and 3 provide references for the data sources, and the third column of Table 2 provides the reference where the near-azeotrope was found; (2) the refrigerants of Tables 1 and 2 are listed in the same ascending order as in Tables 5 and 6--that is, they are listed from the lowest VHC ratio ([VHC.
VHC installed NetScreen-204 appliances at its primary Internet gateway to provide firewall protection of critical resources mad serve as a VPN tunnel concentrator.
45) The VHC made no attempt to assess the effect that the destruction of homes and sites of culture, such as hotels, networks and streets, would have on the people who lived in the communities destroyed in order to renew and modernise the inner city.
With the guidance of the accounting firm Ernst & Young, VHC set up a multidisciplinary committee and began selecting appropriate applications for each department.
Debt payments are secured by a pledge of the gross revenues of the VHC obligated group.
En plus, cette exclusion couterait au Maroc au moins 790 millions de dollars au Maroc s'il tient a soigner tous ses patients atteints de VHC selon les nouveaux standards internationaux, estiment les associations.
BDA acted as the exclusive financial advisor to VHC and other shareholders of VHF.
The upgrade reflects VHC's top-line revenue growth resulted in significantly improved operating profitability in fiscal 2009, with VHC generating $295 million in net patient revenue and a 5.
The agreement grants Lupin exclusive rights to promote, distribute and market InspiraChamber VHC in the United States.
On distingue deux phases de la maladie : L'hepatite est appelee aigu au moment de la contamination par le VHC.