VHCPVirtual Host Control Panel
VHCPVerbond van Handelaren in Chemische Produkten (Dutch: Confederation of Traders in Chemical Products)
VHCPVillous Hypertrophy of the Choroid Plexus (neurosurgery)
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DHCP: two small posteromedial to eyes plus four large posteriors in transverse line (DHCP = 2 + 4); VHCP: two small posteromedial to eyes plus two posterolateral (VHCP = 2 + 2) (Figs.
The different chromatophore patterns observed in the head (DHCP = 2 + 4, VHCP = 2 + 2), brachial pillar (DBCP = 1, VBCP = 3 in transverse line), buccal mass (Table 3), and the presence of a possible photophore at the base of the eyes covered by thick, golden reflective tissue in the specimens collected in the Gulf of California (Fig.
DHCP: dorsal head chromatophore pattern, VHCP: ventral head chromatophore pattern, p: pair, s: small, L: large, lat: lateral, beteye: between eyes, posteye: posterior to eyes, postlat: posterolateral to eyes, v: ventral, d: dorsal, vml: ventral mid-line, dml: dorsal midline, ab: aboral, transline: transversal line, ND: Not described.