VHCSVirtual Hosting Control System
VHCSVeterans Health Care System
VHCSVanderbilt Home Care Services (Nashville, TN)
VHCSVancouver Holocaust Centre Society (Canada)
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showed that spacers made with 500 cc plastic bottles allow a pulmonary deposition similar to the considered commercial VHCs [11].
Spacers maybe designed as simple tubes or as valved holding chambers (VHC).
To reduce treatment costs, it has been proposed that homemade nonvalved spacers (NVSs) can be used, assuming that their effectiveness is similar to that of VHC. In vitro [10] and scintigraphic [11] studies have suggested that even simple plastic bottles produce an aerosol deposition similar or even superior to that obtained from a conventional small volume valved spacer.
Chemicals of "very high concern" ("VHCs") include carcinogens, chemicals that cause birth defects and genetic mutations, and chemicals that are bioaccumulative and remain in the environment for sustained periods of time.
In line with this goal, the chemical authorization process requires manufacturers of VHCs to
VHCs are advantageous for patients who have difficultly coordinating their inspiration with the activation of the inhaler, such as children and the elderly.
It worked with compounder RTP Company to find a material that met other requirements of the VHC and also eliminated static build-up, eventually settling on a PermaStat 600 Series permanently anti-static ABS compound.
Spacer devices and VHCs were initially designed to increase delivery of aerosol medications to the lungs while reducing the oropharyngeal deposition [3].
Throughout the development of VHCs, it was recognized that while large-volume holding chambers increase lung deposition to a greater degree than tube spacers or small holding chambers, they could be cumbersome for patients.
The project will conduct health actions in collaboration with the Republican Centre for Health Promotion (RCHP) in the Ministry of Health, and will invest in tools and information material for the VHCs. As part of the exit strategy, the gradual reduction of investments by the project in the area will be increasingly covered by the Ministry of Health.
Rayon Health Committees and Association of VHCs; Health Promotion Units; Republican Centre for Health Pro