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VHDVirtual Hard Disk (Microsoft)
VHDVirtual Hard Drive
VHDVampire Hunter D
VHDVideo High Density
VHDVirtual Hard Disk
VHDValvular Heart Disease
VHDVery High Density
VHDViral Hemorrhagic Disease
VHDVehicle-Hours of Delay
VHDViscous Hammer Damper (air rifles)
VHDVariable High Definition (printing)
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Zuazo VHD, Raya AM, Ruiz JA (2004) Nutrient losses by runoff and sediment from the taluses of orchard terraces.
Caption: The rugged version of the Volvo I-Shift automated manual transmission features hardened gears and other hardware to improve durability of the VHD 200 in tough on- and off-road applications requiring frequent shifting.
Present study was carried out to investigate the protein patterns in the sera of VHD patients and their comparison with those of healthy subjects through SDS-PAGE and 2-DE and characterization of the proteins specifically found in the serum of VHS patient in our local population for prediction and diagnosis of VHD.
The impact Q on price in both the NHLD and VHD is shown in Exhibits 8 and 9, respectively.
No se sabe aun si el VHD es directamente citopatico o si el dano es mediado por reaccion inmune.
A partir de 1995, el pais se declaro libre de la VHD, por lo que la actividad resurgio en explotaciones comerciales pequenas, que se dieron a la tarea de explorar y abrir vias nuevas de mercadeo (Mendoza 2001).
VEST is a standard, nondelete feature for the Volvo VN and VT, as well as for Volvo VHD mixer chassis.
With as much as a 17 percent improvement in the start time of the test virtual machine, the effects of fragmentation on the VHD are clear.
A Microsoft VHD format of SUSE Linux Enterprise JeOS is planned for release later this year after Microsoft releases Hyper-V.
The VHD series anti-backlash assembly is useful for eliminating drag and wear associated with high preload forces.
Kerk Motion Products offers its VHD Series for eliminating drag and wear associated with high pre-load forces.