VHDAVirginia Housing Development Authority
VHDAvery high density amorphous ice
VHDAVirginia Hunting Dog Alliance
VHDAVietnam Dog Handler Association
VHDAVertical Handoff Decision Algorithm (wireless technology)
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Variety of VHDAs [8,9,10] which are discussed in the literature have been designed by considering specific research goals and hence decision criteria (single, double, triple, or multi) adopted by these algorithms are quite heterogeneous in nature and so are their performance evaluation schemes.
We absolutely know that in every state that liberalized Sunday hunting that also allows the use of dogs for deer hunting, there was a significant decline in the freedom to use dogs soon afterwards," said VHDA lobbyist and vice chairman Kirby Butch.
12) VHDA is an acronym for Volunteer Home Defence Army that Suwondo uses to refer to both PETA and the Giyugun in Sumatra.
In light of the plethora of designs in the field that are difficult to locate or discover, the VHDA includes several provisions making the misuse of undeserving rights less likely.
The VHDA also administers more than 20,580 units of housing subsidized by the U.
In July 1980, the VHDA formally notified the Board of Supervisors of the proposed construction, giving the Board sixty days to object The Board did not object and, in April 1981, sent a letter of support for the project to VDHA.
The waiting period could be even longer in cases where the housing specialists at VHDA were backlogged with work.
VHDA has signed 120 lenders across the state to offer the authority's lending products.
The nonprofits then found a borrower and sold the property at base cost, about 30 percent to 40 percent less than market, repaying VHDA.
The branch offers conventional, FHA and VA loan products as well as VHDA and USDA programs.
These branches offer conventional, FHA and VA loan products as well as VHDA and USDA programs.