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VHDCIVery High Density Cable Interconnect
VHDCIVery High-Density Connector Interface
VHDCIVery High Density Cable Interface
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Model # LF729KB is available worldwide with included VHDCI complex cables at a price of $599.
com GX6384 N/A 78-pin D Sub GX6616 N/A 78-pin D Sub National Instruments NI PXI-2535 FET 4x68-pin VHDCI www.
Q: I am looking for information on SCSI-5 and VHDCI.
The large 50 pin connector in SCSI-1 has shrunk to a 68 pin VHDCI connector and the data rates increased to 160MB/sec.
The PHOENIX RADEON QD is the first Appian product to benefit from the alliance by incorporating Molex's dual stack Ultra+(TM) VHDCI (Very High Density Cable Interconnect) connector and shipping with Molex DVI-I cables and analog adapters.