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VHDCIVery High Density Cable Interconnect
VHDCIVery High-Density Connector Interface
VHDCIVery High Density Cable Interface
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Centronics and VHDCI connectors do not have pins, however the 50-and 68-pin high-density connectors have pins that are quite susceptible to damage.
The EonStor A12U-G2421 dual U320 SCSI host model features mo dual-stacked VHDCI connectors on the rear of the subsystem, which can be used for host connection and cascading to additional RAID units.
Q: What is the maximum impedance allowed on an external cable (with VHDCI connection at one end) if connected to an LVD SCSI bus?
6.SHC68-68-EPM Shielded Cable, 68-D-Type to 68 VHDCI Offset, 2 m