VHDMVery High Density Metric
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Contaminated tap water was permitted to condense and drip onto the sensitive VHDM connector, causing electromigration to propagate and triggering field reliability concerns.
The VHDM Diagram Editor permits the user to define an HDM-lite conceptual schema.
By clicking on a page-type, it is possible to invoke the VHDM Style Sheet Editor to define and store new presentation styles.
The VHDM H-Series connector leverages the proven technology of Teradyne's VHDM product family, which has been widely deployed in the most demanding applications for more than six years.
Leveraging Teradyne's GbX connector compliant pin geometry for improved signal integrity performance, VHDM H-Series uses an 0.
Teradyne's VHDM, VHDM-HSD and GbX connector families are the connectors of choice for multi-gigabit backplane designs," said Lou Zajac, marketing manager for Teradyne Connection Systems.
Applications for the right-angle male include cable I/O interfacing directly to the edge of the daughtercard, planar extender-card applications, and straight I/O into the right-angle female VHDM connector.
To ensure availability of its connector products, Teradyne licensed Molex to manufacture several of Teradyne's connectors, including VHDM-HSD, VHDM, and HDM.
The extended VHDM product family has effectively become the industry standard for high-speed backplane connectors, with measured system performance of 5 Gb/s and higher and more than two billion pins installed since first introduced in 1997.
The connector expands on Teradyne's leading VHDM wafer technology and provides a press-fit solution for stacking applications such as Daughter-card-to-Backplane and Daughtercard-to-Grand-daughtercard.
On the 7350 model, this powerful technology inspects the PCB from the bottom in its native position, ideal for inspecting pre- and post-press insertion defects in compliant and VHDM (Very High Density Modular) connectors, double-sided, reflowed PCBs, as well as pre- and post-wave inspection of through-hole components.
The addition of HSD 6-row provides the customer with even greater design flexibility, which is core to Teradyne's expansion strategy for the VHDM connector family," said Scott Miller, VHDM product manager, Teradyne Connection Systems.