VHDMVery High Density Metric
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Contaminated tap water was permitted to condense and drip onto the sensitive VHDM connector, causing electromigration to propagate and triggering field reliability concerns.
The Design Environment comprises all the Visual HDM (VHDM, for short) tools, which sit on top of a common design repository containing application projects.
The VHDM Diagram Editor permits the user to define an HDM-lite conceptual schema.
By clicking on a page-type, it is possible to invoke the VHDM Style Sheet Editor to define and store new presentation styles.
The VHDM Relational Schema Generator implements the conceptual-to-logical mapping described in Section 3.1; it maps an HDM-lite schema into a set of SQL files containing DDL statements for creating the relational tables of the application schema, and DDL and DML instructions for creating and populating the metaschema database.
--Server-side enforcement: the VHDM Relational Schema Generator can be instructed to produce additional SQL definitions (foreign key constraints or triggers) for the automatic enforcement of data integrity after the update of the application-structured content.
To enable fast prototyping, Autoweb includes a tool named VHDM Prototype Generator, which works in cooperation with the Diagram Editor and Schema Generator, and can be invoked to produce "in one click" a working implementation of the current conceptual schema on top of synthetic data.