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VHEVery High Energy
VHEVirtual Home Environment
VHEVirtual Home Everywhere
VHEVirus de la Hepatitis E (Spanish: Hepatitis E)
VHEVisit Heart of England (tourism; UK)
VHEVirus de l'Hépatite E (French: Hepatitis E)
VHEValve Hammer Editor (gaming)
VHEVideo Head-End
VHEVortex Hydro Energy LLC (renewable energy provider; Michigan)
VHEVery Highly Enriched
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2,4) Complicating identification, laboratory transaminase or ammonia elevations may or may not be present (2-4); however, VHE typically occurs in the setting of hyperammonemia and normal transaminase levels.
Formulation and properties of the new VPHE and VHE elements are described in Section 2.
As an example of medical applications, the VHE electron beam therapy system driven by a laser plasma accelerator might become a reality in the earliest future because of great interest for medical science.
Todo lo anterior sugiere que el VHE circula en Colombia y es necesario incorporar en nuestro armamentario diagnostico las serologias especificas y las pruebas confirmatorias por biologia molecular, las cuales estan indicadas en las circunstancias clinicas mencionadas y sobre todo porque existe tratamiento para los casos severos o cronicos de la forma esporadica de infeccion.
En la practica clinica habitual no se dispone de pruebas para el diagnostico de la infeccion por VHE.
El VHE se transmite principalmente por la via fecal-oral, la mayoria de las epidemias se pueden asociar con brotes que tienen su origen en el agua, principalmente en paises en vias de desarrollo con clima templado, alta densidad de poblacion y deficientes condiciones sanitarias (5).
Dr Paula Chadwick of Durham University said "We have had a very exciting time, seeing the first images of supernova remnants and the most distant VHE gamma-ray sources known.
The VHE is dedicated to phasing out the human race in the interest of the health of the Earth.
Liverpool Land Development Company is spearheading regeneration in four of the city's five SIAs and awarded the pounds 1m site preparation contract to Yorkshire firm VHE.
A VHE final heater can be used to replace the existing heater.
One radio input is provided for continuous recording of transmit and receive audio from the primary VHE Special data multiplexers allow recording of 16 data inputs at one-second intervals.