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References in classic literature ?
'Battledore and shuttlecock's a wery good game, vhen you ain't the shuttlecock and two lawyers the battledores, in which case it gets too excitin' to be pleasant.
And de joke vill be on de criminals vhen they is caught.
Vhen your copper must skate down steps, he vill jump into de air and pull a cord.
I have modernized the spelling, which is as follows: "I did understand be repoirt of certane your Ma teis serviteurs, the vork ves verre acceptable to you Ma tie vherof indeed I could noght bot reiose, and so vill the vreater therof vhen shee sall heir your Ma tie to have taiken any small pleasour or delyt in hir handyvork."
Vhen are we going to look after ourselves and say I need to do such-and-such, instead of saying you need to do such-and-such?
"Onmyoji" is a departure from comedy for heller Yojiro Takita, and preceded his period actioner, Vhen the Last Sword Is Drawn." Given Takita's background in comedy, it's curious that pic feels least assured during ostensibly amusing asides.
Den vhen dey must vait for your Wirgin trains dey can take 40 vinks.
A guard vill blow 'is vhistle wery loud vhen de train come in, of course.