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VHFVery High Frequency (30-300 MHz; 10-1m)
VHFViral Hemorrhagic Fever (viral infection which causes massive bleeding)
VHFVery High Frequency
VHFVisual History Foundation (University of Southern California)
VHFVertical Horizontal Filter (finance)
VHFVisible Human Female
VHFVictoria Hospitals Foundation (British Columbia, Canada)
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VHF Air Ground Communication Stations offer a medium of transmission of secure data between air traffic controllers and pilots.
We want users to know how to properly operate and care for the radios, and to use the appropriate phraseology when communicating with each other on the VHF network.
Veterans Healing Farm (VHF) was founded in 2014 and serves veterans and their caregivers in Hendersonville County and beyond by providing innovative educational experiences, developing a national farm micro-community model, and donating flower bouquets and nutritious produce to veterans at VA Hospitals.
These call center records were linked to 19,074 records in the VHF database for the same time period (excluding 311 records with missing identifiers) to measure call center sensitivity for detecting confirmed cases.
VHF is the fourth largest aqua feed producer in Vietnam.
Basically, VHF communication operates on line-of-sight, station to station, radiating energy from one antenna to the next.
Many yachts like back-up radio safety aboard in the form of a handheld VHF radio.
Blyth RNLI Lifeboat Deputy Launching Authority Barry Pearson said: "It was good to see that the second kayaker had a VHF radio and was able to use it correctly to call for help, if he had not had this radio the outcome could have been very different."
Designed to fit into space-constrained military vehicles, the V511 is a fusion of the RF-7800V VHF Combat Net Radio with a 50-watt power amplifier, resulting in a radio form factor that is smaller and lighter than standard vehicular radio systems.
VHF telemetry locations and home range data can also be used to evaluate survey results.
A couple were later found in a car at Whitburn, South Tyneside, with a VHF, or marine, radio but police were unable to establish whether it had been used to make the call.
Features include' UHF and VHF tuning allowing use at home and abroad (UHF 21 - 68ch/VHF 2-12ch) and an audio/video input for connecting to a video/DVD player or computer console - great for the kids or when caravanning.