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VHFVery High Frequency (30-300 MHz; 10-1m)
VHFVertical Horizontal Filter (finance)
VHFVictoria Hospitals Foundation (British Columbia, Canada)
VHFVisual History Foundation (University of Southern California)
VHFViral Hemorrhagic Fever (viral infection which causes massive bleeding)
VHFVisible Human Female
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While GatesAir takes the RF performance and low total cost of ownership crown for Band III (Channels 7-13) with the VAXTE, the new high-efficiency series also fills a clear industry void for low-band VHF (Channels 2-6)," GatesAir says.
These call center records were linked to 19,074 records in the VHF database for the same time period (excluding 311 records with missing identifiers) to measure call center sensitivity for detecting confirmed cases.
Basically, VHF communication operates on line-of-sight, station to station, radiating energy from one antenna to the next.
Many yachts like back-up radio safety aboard in the form of a handheld VHF radio.
Blyth RNLI Lifeboat Deputy Launching Authority Barry Pearson said: "It was good to see that the second kayaker had a VHF radio and was able to use it correctly to call for help, if he had not had this radio the outcome could have been very different.
The streamlined design of the V511 offers the same voice and data performance users have come to expect from the RF-7800V radio, including the transmission of high-speed data at rates up to 192Kbps -- faster than any currently available VHF combat net radio.
Most radio-telemetry research with moose was done before the advent of GPS collars, and telemetry studies focusing on survival still commonly use VHF collars.
Officers realised that the bearings from the VHF radio pointed to the caller being on land.
A ship radio VHF licence costs pounds 20 and training is available through Penarth Marina.
Today, discrete radios carry voice, digital data and video at high, very high and ultra-high frequencies (HF, VHF, and UHF)--using encrypted and jam-resistant waveforms.
Rochester, NY), a supplier of military tactical radios for worldwide defense forces, has introduced the RF-5800V-NM VHF networking module to provide secure, wireless Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity for tactical applications such as remote sensors or "smart" munitions.
The system comprises fixed and mobile VHF (approximately 30 to 300 MHz) transmitters and receivers (including man-packs and vehicular installations) together with a fixed-site UHF (approximately 300 MHz to 1 GHz) subsystem with which to communicate with military aircraft.