VHF-FMVery High Frequency-Frequency Modulated
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Rescue 21, he added, will eliminate those gaps and ensure continuous, enhanced VHF-FM line-of-sight marine-radio coverage out to 20 nautical miles from shore.
Help me."--should be transmitted if possible via marine-band VHF-FM radio Channel 16 or 2182 kHz MF/SSB.
* If you must abandon ship, get everyone on deck and send a mayday on your marine VHF-FM radio.
The company demonstrated VHF-FM, VHF-AM, VHF-FM public service, VHF air traffic control, Have Quick I & II, and MIL-STD SATCOM waveforms in early 2001.
The contract is to provide the Employer distribution service program of Radio Lublin SA in the range of VHF-FM broadcasting centers and technical parameters described in Appendix 1 hereto.
Carry a VHF-FM marine band radio and if you become disoriented at night, the Coast Guard or local shore patrol may be able to use your radio signal to locate your position and reorient you.
description of available aircraft proposed for use in this contract and required safety and avionics features of the aircraft, including vhf-fm radio, emergency locator transmitter, automatic flight following equipment, and gps location plotting equipment; proof of aircraft management certification of pilot and aircraft for low-altitude flying; resume of pilot, including specific reference to relevant flight experience; proof of current aircraft pilot license; proof of approved faa pilot medical certificate; proof of pilot competency /proficiency check.
Broadcast service radio program broadcasting facilities of seven VHF-FM in the period from 07/01/2016 to 30/06/2020.
Matters relating to provide supplementary contracts for the provision of services for the Employer broadcasting Radio Lublin SA in the range of VHF-FM broadcasting centers and technical parameters specified in the relevant decisions of the reservation, and under the conditions specified in the Regulations of technical cooperation and the Description of the contract.