VHF-PECVDVery High Frequency Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
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The p-[mu]c-SiO:H window layer was doped with 3%-hydrogen-diluted trimethylboron (TMB: B[(C[H.sub.3]).sup.3]) and deposited via 40 MHz VHF-PECVD. Additionally, the a-Si:H n-layer was doped with 3%-hydrogen-diluted phosphine (P[H.sub.3]) and prepared via 60 MHz VHF-PECVD.
The i-a-SiO:H and na-Si:H layers were prepared using the 60 MHz VHF-PECVD technique to thicknesses of approximately 5 nm and 30 nm, respectively.
The intrinsic hydrogenated amorphous silicon (i-a-Si:H) was prepared by 60 MHz VHF-PECVD and output power density was kept constant at 37.5mW/[cm.sup.2].