VHGVirtual Hyperglossary
VHGVirus de l'Hépatite G (French: Hepatitis G)
VHGVillage Health Guide (India)
VHGVertical Hydraulic Gradient
VHGVan Hemert Groep (Dutch: Van Hemert Group; cycling team; Neatherlands)
VHGVocal Harmony/Guitar (audio processing equipment)
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As of April 8 VHG is not performing abortions, Portnoy reported, but according to a letter sent to the state by administrator Ebony Fobbs, VHG is doing follow-up visits.
The serious inadequacies at VHG are part of two larger narratives: Brigham's disastrous history and pro-abortion Virginia Governor (and Hillary Clinton confidante) Terry McAuliffe, who even before he was elected governor of the Commonwealth vowed to be a "brick wall" against any attempts to pass pro-life legislation, including clinic regulations intended to upgrade abortion facilities.
1], los porcentajes de motilidad espermatica para cada una de las concentraciones de DMSO + VHG fueron 15,9 [+ o -] 3,9%, 10,4 [+ o -] 4,7% y 22,6 [+ o -] 3,5% para 1,0; 1,5 y 2,0 M.
A los 120 s post-activacion en agua de mar, los mayores porcentajes de motilidad espermatica incubados en DMSO (a las tres diferentes concentraciones) + VHG fueron a la tasa de congelamiento de -10[grados]C [min.
1] y utilizando DMSO 1,5 M con VHG como crioaditivo.
Esto es evidenciado por el mejor resultado obtenido cuando se agrega un crioaditivo no permeable, el VHG, a la solucion crioprotectora, con la cual se obtiene un 71,7 [+ o -] 13% de motilidad espermatica.
adspersus, generaria una mayor proteccion durante el proceso de congelacion que seria proporcionada por las lipoproteinas presentes en el VHG y estar previniendo de danos en la membrana plasmatica (Scott & Baynes, 1980; Suquet et al, 2000) o incrementando la resistencia de la membrana celular ante el estres osmotico durante el congelamiento-descongelamiento de los espermatozoides (Cabrita et al.
At 10 Craig Road in Montvale, New Jersey VHG is marketing the 9,552 s/f flex building situated in the heart of Corporate Headquarters country on 1.
Water to fill respiration chambers was collected from the same piezometer used for VHG measurements.
run bottom) and days postflood (DPF) on respiration, VHG, dissolved oxygen, DOC, monosaccharides and POC were assessed using a repeated measures ANOVA (SYSTAT: Wilkinson 1990).
2 cm/s based upon VHG data from this study and may be as high as 0.
HGV),- HHLA mbH,- HWW mbH,- GWG mbH,- SpriAG-mbH,- Hamburg Energy Networks GmbH,- Administrative building Hamburgischer VHG GmbH,- Limited partnership VHG administration building Hamburgischer GmbH & Co.