VHGIVermont Human Genetics Initiative
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VHGI Gold, a wholly owned subsidiary of VHGI has recently initiated steps to leverage the company's operating history and corporate resources within the Gold Mining, Precious Metals and Energy Resources Markets.
In addition, Western and VHGI are discussing the possibilities of forming a joint venture to further develop the Treasure Gulch Mine.
With coal production ramping up, customer shipments commencing ahead of schedule and plans to increase production output, now is the perfect time to launch a strategic communications campaign and highlight the VHGI Holdings story to the investment community.
VHGI is pleased to announce that Mervyn Gervis has agreed to sit on the advisory board to assist with the evaluation of potential joint ventures and opportunities within the overseas Gold and Precious Minerals Mining markets," stated Jim Renfro, President, VHGI.
VHGI Holdings is actively pursuing new opportunities within these industries to maximize shareholder return.
While VHGI is pleased to have recently filled 2 slots on the advisory board with extremely qualified members to assist with the development of the Treasure Gulch and Zero Mines properties in Prescott, Arizona, the company is currently evaluating Gold Mining projects outside of North America and is aggressively seeking guidance to help them sift through the opportunities," stated Jim Renfro, President, VHGI.
Their efforts should allow us to ship our first scheduled train to IP&L on March 26, 2013," said Ron Hutchcraft, President of VHGI Coal.
Chaffee and Dennis Atkins have agreed to sit on the advisory board to assist with the development of these properties and the evaluation of other opportunities within the Gold Mining Industry," stated Jim Renfro, President, VHGI.
One of the unique aspects of VHGI Coal's Landree Mine property is the existence of an on-site rail delivery system, which allows them the opportunity to deliver coal to its customers in a more cost efficient and timely manner.
This is an important step in the execution of our business plan," said Doug Martin CEO of VHGI.
This is a major milestone in the progress of VHGI," said Doug Martin CEO of VHGI.
The closing of the transaction is subject to certain conditions precedent, including receipt of consents and approvals, completion of due diligence and VHGI Coal having secured adequate financing for the transaction.