VHHVerkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein (German: Transporting Enterprises Hamburg Holstein Ltd.)
VHHVolatile Halogenated Hydrocarbons
VHHVakantie Huizen Hongarije (Dutch: Holiday Homes Hungary; Netherlands)
VHHVisible Human Viewer (National Library of Medicine)
VHHVirtual Haunted House (various sponsors)
VHHVoix du HipHop (French: Voice of Hip-Hop; magazine)
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"With the 20 electric vehicles used, 900,000 kilometers were driven emission-free in one year, thus saving 170 tons of CO 2, " adds VHH Managing Director Toralf Mller.
As such, they work alongside other transport options such as the VHH to provide a seamless offering for customers - in turn boosting use of public transport.
Abbreviations: BT: botulinum toxoid; cCHP: cationic cholesteryl-group bearing pullulan; CCL: CC chemokine ligand; CCR: CC chemokine receptor; CT: cholera toxin; CTB: CT B subunit; GALT: gut-associated lymphoid tissue; Gp2: glycoprotein 2; [IgA.sup.+] B cell: IgA-committed B cell; IL: interleukin; LT: heat-labile enterotoxin; MALT: mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue; M cell: microfold or membranous cell; NALT: nasopharynx-associated lymphoid tissue; PP: Peyer's patch; RANK: receptor activator of nuclear factor [kappa]B; RANKL: RANK ligand; SIgA: secretory IgA; TGF-[beta]: transforming growth factor [beta]; Th: helper T; UEA-1: Ulex europaeus agglutinin 1; VHH: variable domain of llama heavychain antibody fragment.
The Aqua hotels and resorts are deemed complementary to the portfolio of VHH's Honolulu-based subsidiary Aston, VHH's president Kelvin Bloom said, noting that the combination is seen to help meet the increasing demand for accommodations in Hawaii.
The genotypic mean lifetime fecundities on broad bean for the VDS and VHH Parental selfing crosses, F1s and F2s are shown in Figure 4.
1, 2, 3, 7, 8 new building center for bees lwg vhh (germany-wrzburg: Engineering services)
nAbs, also known as VHH domains, are small fragments of antibodies (12-15 Kd) that are very stable and easy to produce.
(6.) Melnick JL, Paul JR, Riordan JT, Barnett VHH, Goldblum N, Zabin E.
Pioneering studies of a range of camelid VHH antibody fragments raised to a cytokine identified previously unknown allosteric sites, where binding of specific VHHs results in modulation of distant functional sites.
(2.) Melnick JL, Paul JR, Riordan JF, Barnett VHH, Goldblum N, Zabin E.
there is an interface (busbar) to the converter station, which must be tuned with the vhh. the stations are to be looped into the existing medium-voltage rings (ms connecting sleeves).
The metropolis of Hamburg is placing its trust in emission-free city buses, and the company Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein (VHH) has decided to purchase 16 Mercedes-Benz eCitaro vehicles.