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VHIVoice Handicap Index (laryngology)
VHIVirtual Human Interface
VHIVoluntary Health Insurance (Irish health insurance provider)
VHIVirginia Health Information
VHIVeterans Health Initiative
VHIVirtual Heroes, Inc. (est. 2004; gaming)
VHIVerastream Host Integrator (WRQ Inc.)
VHIVan Hall Instituut (Dutch: Van Hall Institute; Wageningen University and Research Centre; Netherlands)
VHIVogon Heavy Industries (Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams)
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Maureen Armstrong, from Thurles, Co Tipperary, participated in her 25th Dublin VHI Women's Mini Marathon yesterday with her daughters Martina and Marian.
In this issue of MMWR, VHI staff members report findings from their study examining the association of vision impairment and functional limitations related to subjective cognitive decline (SCD), defined as the experience of worsening or more frequent confusion or memory loss (1).
The VHI is a protocol that measures how a voice problem impacts the life of an individual and assesses the aspects of disability, handicap and defect.
Variables Adjusted means (95% CI) F-stat (df) Pre-VHI Post-VHI Intervention 9.65 (7.53-11.56) 3.99 (2.37-5.61) 5.53 (1,79) Control 10.01 (8.05-11.97) 8.62 (7.12-10.13) Variables p-value (a) Intervention 0.021 Control M-VHI-10: Malay-Voice Handicap Index-10; CI: confidence interval; VHI: voice handicap index.
(14), in a pioneer study examining the correlation between the questionnaires used for assessing voice-related life quality, have analyzed the scores of 132 cases to investigate the correlation between the VHI and the V-RQOL surveys.
Table-3: Item/Total VHI correlation and measurement of Reliability of Voice handicap index-10 (VHI-10) in Urdu using Pearson's correlation coefficient.
The VHI is based within The AAKP for Patient Engagement and Advocacy.
We provide a high level of quality of medical care, service and consulting support to company employees, using our colossal experience in providing VHI services."
The analysis of the relationship between the results of the MPT measurement, the VHI questionnaire, the GRBAS scale and LMTPE was carried out using Spearman's rank correlation coefficient.
The firm's new product is to be underwritten by Zurich Insurance and will be marketed by VHI over phone.