VHJVirginia Horse Journal (est. 1995)
VHJVermont Homeless Journal (blog)
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The term sheet grants Basic Energy the exclusive right to negotiate and finalize the terms of the investment with VHJ, with a refundable deposit to start the due diligence process on IBP and the project.
Basic Energy aims to complete the due diligence process in 60 days, and if results are favorable, it will sign a shareholders agreement with VHJ on or before June 30, 2018.
The VHJ is calculated based on the flight time, and the efficiency based on the flight time and GCT (9).
To minimize the systematic bias between the HE jump mat and the force plate a regression equation was calculated for VHJ and GCT.
For example, good contacts at the ministry or in the VHJ - where some managers went on to develop their later careers - enabled enterprise managers to plead for more realizable targets (compare Linz, 1988, p.
Previously important members of the state socialist business community, such as bureaucrats from the ministry and managers from the former VHJ, FTO and partner enterprises, have continued in post, taken on senior management positions in now privatized enterprises, or found some other niche within the influential circles of the economy in transition.
The VHJ decided the allocation of the industry's production targets among its member enterprises.
van der Velden VHJ, Hochhaus A, Cazzaniga G, Szczepanski T, Gabert J, Van Dongen JJM.