VHLVon Hippel-Lindau (disease)
VHLVery High Level Language
VHLVirtual Health Library (online information resource; Latin-American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information)
VHLvon Hippel-Lindau gene
VHLVista Higher Learning, Inc. (language program publisher; Boston, MA)
VHLVirax Holdings Limited (finance company)
VHLVan Hasseltlaan (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
VHLVallejo-Henry-Lecuyer (French musical trio)
VHLVoyages Haute Loire (French travel company)
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Nouraie et al., "The heterozygote advantage of the chuvash polycythemia VHL R200W mutation may be protection against anemia," Haematologica, vol.
Main keywords used were "pheochromocytoma," "paraganglioma," "genetic testing," "mutation," "genotype," "phenotype," "malignant," "metastatic," "pediatrics," "child," "preschool child," "VHL," "RET," "NF1," "SDHB," "SDHD," "SDHA," "SDHC," "SDHAF2," "TMEM127," "MAX," "HIF2A," "FH," "PHD1," "PHD2," "MDH2," and "KIF1B." We included clinical and molecular studies (single cases and case series); we did not exclude any age to minimize missing pediatric cases of cohort studies that considered all ages.
Deletion of chromosome 3p14.2-p25 involving the VHL and FHIT genes in conventional renal cell carcinoma.
The VHL in Nursing, created in 2012, is coordinated by the School of Nursing at Brazil's Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais and supported by the Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Information (BIREME), the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), World Health Organization (WHO), among other institutions.
Linzie, from Darvel, Ayrshire, is trying to increase awareness of the condition and is set to walk the West Highland Way to raise funds for the VHL UK and Ireland charity.
Furthermore, we searched the National Cancer Institute website for recommendations on VHL and HLRCC management.
The patient underwent genetic testing, which revealed a c.341-2A>G splice-site mutation in the VHL gene, a variant strongly associated with VHL.1 Furthermore, the patients two brothers were found to carry the same mutation, while one sister tested negative.
Surgical treatment is recommended before the largest tumour reaches 3 cm in maximal diameter, which is based on the VHL guideline [8].
A special Very Heavy Lift (VHL) crane, with a total lifting capacity of 1,600 tons, was shipped to the UAE to carry out the installation process.
16 -- I have been suffering from a rare genetic disorder called Von Hippel Lindau (VHL) Syndrome since my early childhood.