VHMVery Handsome Man
VHMVibration Health Monitoring (aviation)
VHMVolume Holographic Memory
VHMVirtual Hardware Monitor
VHMVisible Human Male
VHMVividHues Magazine
VHMVictor Heinrich Molsheim (French water company)
VHMVlaamse Huisvesting Maatschappij (Dutch: Flemish Housing Society; Belgium)
VHMVan Houten Movement (internet gaming group)
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Andrzej Wojcik, President of Satoria Group and VHM Hotel Management said: 'Hilton Garden Inn Torun Old Town will be our fourth hotel in partnership with Hilton, joining properties in Gdansk, Olsztyn and Lodz.
As part of a general administrative reform process in the Flemish government, VHM and aGI were merged together into the Flemish Company for Social Housing ('VMSW') in 2006.
CVI is often the consequence of post-thrombotic damage to the deep venous system or it is associated to untreated primary varicose veins and incompetence of perforator veins causing chronic venous hypertension and VHM (venous hypertensive microangiopathy) (Bollinger et al.
"VHM supports teachers in creating diverse exhibits to reach a range of learners.
VHM: Habia una funcionaria de gobernacion, de proteccion civil, que iba con nosotros en este viaje.
Contact Sister Katherine Mullin vhm, (612)521-6113 or mullinkf@aol.com
Drill description Drill type Tool material Point angle Coating NH VHM 140[degrees] TiAlN Tab.
The VHM series of face grooving inserts are made of solid, micrograin carbide.
Marie Anatrella, VHM, of Brooklyn, NY, Emily Moysello of Shrewsbury, Grace Sedita of Flushing, NY, and Jeanne Petrocelli of Somers, NY; as well as several nieces and nephews.
It developed an industrial microwave oven, called VHM Hephaistos, with a hexagonal chamber that is said to apply more homogeneous heating than a round chamber.
Highly resilient, long lasting VHM stainless steel gear flowmeters, designed and manufactured with German technology, are available in the UK through Intercontrol Metering Systems Ltd.