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Immunization of the child is a component where mostly all the beneficiaries responded that Sahiyya reminds them a day before attend VHND camps for routine immunization of their children.
In an initiative of capacity building of VHSC, in Gujrat, [11] it was observed that, purchase of materials for VHND was done by 49% VHSNCs, bed-net medicating solution bought by 13%, cleanliness campaign, chlorination of wells, and so on were done by 14%, and health awareness program in the village was done by 7% of the VHSNCs.
Supervise ANMs and Sub center and participate in Immunization programme, RCH (Reproductive and Child Health)/Health camps, VHND (Village Health Nutrition Day), IMNCI (Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illnesses), epidemic control and school health programme.