VHOSViability in Hypoosmotic Solution (male fertility test)
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VHOs are in charge of driving between 500 and 600JLR vehiclesfrom the production line to Damson Parkway, a huge holding area which stores 2,000 vehicles before they're taken across the UK in transporters.
Nonetheless, if hand-out would be executed immediately as the MBS's throughput is higher than UE's requirements, the PS could generate high number of VHOs (especially if the load of the stations changes frequently).
Low value of k leads to high number of VHOs while high value of [kappa] results in high number of
The advantage of the PS is that the amount of VHOs could be significantly mitigated as only two VHOs and one HHO is performed.
We distinguish the amount of both HHOs and VHOs. All the values are normalized to the maximal VHOs generated by the CS-I ([N.sup.CS-1.sub.VHOmax]), since this approach introduces the highest amount of handovers.
Most of the conventional handoffs (horizontal handoffs) are based on RSS but VHOs, in addition to RSS, are based on network related parameters like end-to-end delay, throughput, signal to interference and noise ratio (SINR), bandwidth, cost etc or MN related parameters like speed, location, trajectory, movement, battery power etc.
Experimentation and simulation of VHOs for streaming, background, interactive and conversational traffic types for HetNets infrastructures which integrates maximum number of existing wired and wireless access technologies is still a widely open issue.
VHO decision algorithms are designed to select best access network and hence the design of such algorithms demand processing of diverse metrics and parameters.
Hence, a fast MCDM algorithm combined with AHP and SAW to weigh the parameters and provide a quick VHO decision for selection of ABC network is recommended.
The Artificial Intelligence (AI) scheme in [7], which is based on a hybrid of parallel fuzzy logic system, multiple-criteria decision making, and Genetic Algorithm (GA), is developed to provide adaptive, flexible, and scalable solution to the VHO decision problem.
The proposed scheme utilizes fuzzy logic and AHP to determine if a VHO is required based on the measured values of the network parameters obtained from the serving PoA and other available wireless networks.
These parameters are monitored and evaluated by VHONE module to determine if VHO is imminent.