VHPGVenture Health Partnership Group
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VHPG is a private equity corporation whose goal is to acquire 8-12 provider owned HMOs over a two-three year period and reshape the practice of managed care, one health plan at a time.
Our interim president, Paula Nordhoff, a principal of VHPG, has done her job well and will remain on the board of directors of the health plan.
Davis, in responding to the announcement, states, "When I first met with Barry, and with my subsequent investigation of the philosophy and mission of VHPG and The OATH, I realized that their promise is consistent with what I have always believed should happen in managed care.
The OATH, formerly Health Partners of Alabama, a 100,000-member health plan, was acquired by VHPG in June 2000, and changed its name in November 2000.
Scheur, founder and president of VHPG, LLC, states, "Our strategy is to build a national entity comprised of provider sponsored and locally marketed healthcare organizations under a national franchise.
The brand equity around which VHPG is building its strategy is "The Oath" - a pledge to quality, service, and accountability.
VHPG proposes to issue and privately sell up to $50.
Smith, Houlihan Smith president, commented, "We are very excited about our firm's involvement with VHPG and Barry Scheur.
In discussing the successful completion of the acquisition of SMA, VHPG Chairman, Barry S.
What differentiates VHPG from other efforts to capitalize on the current decline in the perception of the value of managed care organizations is the depth of philosophical commitment that underlies the business rationale.