VHQVerified Health Quality (Canada)
VHQVertigo Handicap Questionnaire
VHQVery High Quality
VHQVirtual Headquarters
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The secondary endpoint of the analyses was the change in handicap as indicated by the VHQ.
VHQ Solutions has developed its WebOf-fice service to help its clients put in place the management processes that are vital if they want to make the transition to becoming "real" businesses.
amp;% or 13,036,631 common shares of VHQ and will proceed
Denis Pelych, managing director of VHQ, said: "Many young companies have been set up by people who have a specific skill or expertise.
Closing of the offering is expected to occur on or about September 19, 2002, or such later date or dates as VHQ and the Agents may agree, but in any event no later than November 25, 2002.
Following two quarters of strategic refining of operations, including the elimination of the approximated $375,000 per quarter expense to the Video Limited Partnership, and an initiative to reduce store-related labor costs by approximately 8%, VHQ has successfully positioned itself for increased profitability during the fourth quarter and beyond.
Our next goal will be to role the VHQ retail store across Canada, and to this end we are pleased to be considering new locations in BC, Manitoba and Ontario.
1 million consideration was paid by way of the issuance to the Limited Partners of (i) 546,336 Units of VHQ, with each Unit comprised of one common share of VHQ and 1/2 common share purchase warrant with an exercise price of $2.
Effective today Gregg Johnson and Trevor Hillman, executive officers of VHQ, have resigned their respective positions as officers and directors of E-Trend.
Hillman indicated "in the third quarter VHQ expects top line revenues will grow to exceed $7.
As a new addition to the management team, VHQ is pleased to announce the appointment of Derrek R.